Product Overview

All of our suits are hand crafted using high quality faux furs and materials.

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Fullsuits are "complete package" products.  They include the mask, bodysuit, tail, hand and foot paws.  There are many options to choose from and everything is custom made to order.  

     Some options available include:

  • Realistic
  • Sewn-in tail
  • Digitigrade padding
  • Airbrushed markings
  • A large variety of quality furs available


Realistic fursuit heads are made to your specifications and have many of their own options along with standard features included in all commissions.

     Standard features:                               

  • Adjustable fit                                
  • Glass eyes
  • Detailed taxidermy moving jaw
  • Airbrushed markings
  • Resin nose/Silicone nose

     Optional extras:

  • LED eyes
  • Muzzle fan
  • Whiskers

Features such as horns, mohawks and complex markings are an additional cost.


Half Masks

Half masks are constructed to the same high standard as full masks, however they omit the lower jaw and have an open-front neck.

Perfect for casual cosplay or LARP!